Support Hawaii's International Karate Federation


The International Karate Federation (IKF) has a big name for a small family business established in Honolulu in 1966. For more than 50 years, we’ve dedicated our lives to teaching karate to the people of Hawaii. Our dojo is a close community of children, young adults, and parents who trust us with teaching what we know and love, the art of karate. Sensei Chuzo Kotaka started our dojo and still teaches alongside wife Hiroko, son George, and daughter Mari. Granddaughter Taylor is the third generation of our family to teach karate and is an inspiring role model to the next generation and to young women especially. We have so been fortunate to grow our business to one that not only allows us to do what we love, but one that supports us, our children, and grandchildren. Until the COVID-19 pandemic, we thought we’d go on doing this forever.


Unfortunately, laws restricting the teaching of indoor exercise classes have made it impossible to continue operating as we once did. We understand the need to protect the health and safety of our community, and we support these laws to protect against the spread of COVID-19. With the help of our amazing IKF family, we have been teaching karate through virtual classes, however, the reduced tuition for these classes and the decreased demand for karate instruction due to the effect of the pandemic on the livelihoods of our families, has made it increasingly difficult to continue operations, even with the assistance of PPP loan funding.
The funds we need will be used to pay IKF's highest priorities including health and safety equipment and sanitation supplies to instruct the limited number of students we're able to accommodate, virtual learning support, and overall operational costs. Funds are needed by December 31, 2020. 
“Gamman” means to endure
“My father and mother have taught me since a very young age to always be thankful, respectful, and sincere for all the opportunities and experiences you may have in life.  They specifically taught me the Japanese word “Gamman” which translates to “endure.” This is especially true in times of difficulty and uncertainty. No matter how hard or grim things may get, they have told me to stay the course and keep on pushing through.
To have your support and generosity would mean the world to me and something I would spend the rest of my life paying back my community. The act of giving makes me truly appreciate the life I have especially when there are other families going through similar circumstances. There isn’t a backup plan because karate is all we know and love to do. We humbly ask for your support so that we can continue to do what we love and make a difference in each of our student’s lives.”
- Sensei George Kotaka